Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day in Pictures: Getafe vs FC Barcelona

If you don't do as I say, I'm done talking to you. Understand?!

Quick, let's throw the ball into the goal when no one's looking!

Me? Diving?! Now don't be ridiculous, ref!

See? It's the peppermint green. I'm sure I'm playing for Barca, not ARG. Or am I? Is that Xavi or an optical illusion? Ack, is DiMichellis playing?! Maybe I should take Pep's advice and rest for the next game.

Okay Keite, here's the plan. You fly over that sea of burger boy blue and deposit the ball in the goal. Got it?

This is yellow too, but don't kick it. It's the goalkeeper.

Why do Barca bother with corner kicks actually? It's like catching practice for me.

No referee who looks like a giant, walking version of Leo's ridiculously bright red & yellow shoe can give me a yellow card!

It's okay, Geri. Randomly running in all directions while defending set pieces works sometimes.

Ref, everytime I kick a ball towards the goal, there's a goalkeeper standing right in the way! Do something!

So Pep, what did you think of the team's performance today?

Writing us off? Ha!!

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