Thursday, 26 December 2013

The daily football mood-2: No more songs for FC Barcelona

No more songs for FC Barcelona - Take one:

It is the time of the season where all go crazy like cats in February, looking for new alpha players, new saviors to join the team and help breeding titles. 

You can't blame blaugrana fans who find their team in 13th position in La Liga, five points away from the relegation swamp. Whoaat? Oh I see, that's the other Blaugrana of the Liga, the Levante Pizza boys. Sorry. Lets start all over again then!

Alright... Alright... The Blaugrana we mean are, despite all the buts, landing their butts at the top of La Liga pile of teams after 17 matches played. They won 15 (More than any other La Liga team, hand in hand with the praised and worshiped team of the moment, Atletico Madrid), Drew just once (Less than any other La Liga team, hand in hand with the most wonderfustunninglyamazing team since Jordanned Chicago Bulls, A.K.A. Atletico Madrid), and Lost just once, (Less than any other La Liga team, hand in hand with the team of the 10 Messies and a Messi, also known as Atletico Madrid).

Yet, while Atletico Madrid is the team of Zeus this season as all the mortals of the galaxies agree, and the writer of this nonsense approves, FC Barcelona are crap. A wreckage of a team that looks more like the leftovers of a moose after being a feast for a herd of hyaenas.

Here is the kick. FC Barcelona is still a team of great quality. One of the best three or four teams in Europe at the moment - and no ranking is relevant there. And that is the thing. Blaugrana fans are so used to the exception that they need a reality check to get back to the norm. This is exactly where you should expect FC Barcelona to be: One of the best four to six teams in the world - and it is there. Such team will win sometimes, lose sometimes and keep giving pessimist fans reasons to complain and mourn their miserable fortune of a fan all the time. 

Holy Dinosaurs! I've been complaining even when Pep's team shipped six trophies home, too many that FC Barcelona had to buy some shelves from Arsenal. Note: That is a praise for Arsenal fans, if you look at it with love - and you know me, I am love. 

So, with deep grief I believe I should break the news to you: This is how it is going to be from now on. It will not change. Songs of praise for the blaugrana sail, hail hail, days are over, at least a bit. So get over it.

No more songs for FC Barcelona - Take two:

Back to transfer flu. One of the reasons the ultimate dominance of FC Barcelona declined is the force of nature, and time. But another reason is the What-the-hleb! logic of transfer policy this club processed for years, and the whole nonsense that governed team building. No margin for more errors anymore, so pull the leash!

You need a forward, but you buy a midfielder. That means less playing time for a brilliant midfielder you have whose contract is expiring. Less time than needed to activate a condition of extending the contract one more year. That puts you in a hopeless contract negotiation to break through the boundaries of taxation laws, and eventually you lose that player. You also slaughter the last opportunity for another La Masia product to feature in the first team, and make it more challenging for the third. And then, you use the midfielder that you bought, as a forward. The forward that you should have bought originally.

Oh wait, we need a holding midfielder to rotate with Busquets. No worries, Mascherano is there, and even that third midfielder that i mentioned earlier (whose name happened to be Thiago) is perfectly fitting to clone Busquets (and how many twitter rants this freak of a writer made about it!). 

So it is all well covered. Buy a center back, and let Thiago and Mascherano share time between holding midfielder and center midfield for the former and center back for the later when needed. Pefsst!! How unoriginal! Nah... Buy Song, who never convinced (me) as a holding midfielder with his positioning sense as good as a drunk who was hit on the head by a break and thrown from air in a parachute deep in the amazon forest. Good luck getting back home Pranky!

Dear oh dear, you refuse to keep your best defender in previous seasons whenever fit, concerned of some kind of relapse - knowing that at worst you will have to use other defenders you have if he is not available. Despite the fact that you keep a coach who was under the same risk - and who is in an uncompromisable role in your team.

No wonder players from the bottom of La Masia to the top of the goalkeeping gloves tips are running out like bees flying off a Hive caught in fire!

Thats where changes are needed. The logic. I am not demanding changing the logic, no way. I am demanding having a logic. It start by stop buying good players. And start buying players good for THIS team. 

David Luiz is a good player. Is David Luiz good for THIS team? The jury is out. What the team need is a player with exceptional positioning sense and decision making to compliment available defenders. You don't look for a tackler to replace Mascherano. That's like seeking a false nine to replace Messi, and am I not celebrating that this false nine nonsense is almost behind us? Is David Luis that kind of defenders? That is the question to ask before writing another cheque with an A4 attachment to fill the zeros needed in the price.

If there is one thing I may suggest, hire stalkers and release them after Udinese scouts across South America. Maybe, you will find there, just where drunk Pranky is rambling across the amazon forest, a Callvani or two, or even a Falcaone. Or you know what, we can do with a Thiago Silver.

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